STEELBUILD® is one of the few Turn-Key Solutions for your structural shell package on mid-rise projects in the market today.

There are many other companies that provide pieces and parts and rely on others to build the overall finished product. Often times this amounts to a bunch of finger pointing which results in costly back charges and change orders. STEELBUILD®’s one-stop-shop approach is to handle the entire shell package and maintain the critical path of an accelerated schedule.

We supply up front assistance with price estimates, then we provide the engineering, design, shop fabrication of panels and trusses, walls and floor systems, roof joists, structural steel (if needed), exterior sheathing, on site erection of the this package with labor and supervision included, crane and equipment costs, right down to making sure we include the tax.

No surprises!

The customer or general contractor provides the foundation and slab of the building, we take it from there. After we're done, you have a clean and sturdy structure ready for insulation, drywall, and the finishes. One person to call with single source responsibility.



STEELBUILD® is all about saving time and money by removing cost from our buildings.

The reason why steel is the right choice for your structure, hense the name STEELBUILD®, is that steel has the strongest strength to weight ratio of any building product. For instance, a light gauge steel 2x4 is approximately 40% lighter than a similar wood 2x4, believe it or not. Therefore, when building with light gauge steel, the overall building weight is significantly lower than other buildings. Especially when you compare these structures to the much heavier masonry and concrete buildings.

STEELBUILD®’s building solutions can reduce the cost of foundations considerably and have less impact on the surrounding environment. The STEELBUILD® long span deck option was designed to reduce the amount of concrete that would be needed to span a similar area. Our Thinflor™ deck weighs only 55lbs. per square foot as compared to 80 to 100 pounds with precast or poured in place. We require less concrete which saves time and money.

The building stability packages are also less expensive when considering the reduction in mass that needs to be kept stable in an earthquake.

We practice competitive bidding when procuring our building materials and are not tied to any one distributor or manufacturer.

We make it a practice to self-perform most of the stages of construction to keep labor and overhead costs to a minimum.

We also panelize our walls and assemblies to speed the construction process and reduce the overall duration of a project considerably, saving on general conditions and generating revenue quickly for our clients.

The overall total savings proves that STEELBUILD® is the right choice for your next project.



Providing engineering and design solutions

STEELBUILD® offers a complete framing package all under one roof. There will be no finger pointing, as STEELBUILD® handles all aspects of the construction process under the same roof, providing the project with a smooth and trouble free transition from one phase to the next. Single source responsibility provides cost stability and less risk which reduces the overall job costs.

Estimating Services

Reliable cost estimates for a complete shell package or various phases of construction are provided per the owner/developer schematic drawings. (send drawings to

Engineering and Design Services

Complete Engineering Services are available per the specific job requirements. Services may include; Engineer of Record Services (EOR), Foundation Design, Cold-Formed Steel Design, Structural Steel Design, Panel Drawings, Shop Drawings, Etc.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Services

State of the art design utilizing REVIT, BIM, and 3-D Modeling.  We can fabricate in our plant or at a jobsite

Wall Panel and Truss fabrication

Shop fabricated load bearing walls and roof trusses are provided to the job site in a timely manner. Prefabricated panels and trusses are pre-engineered to suit the specific job and site requirements.

Erection of Shell Package

Materials, equipment and labor crews are provided to construct and erect the structural steel or red iron, panelized load-bearing walls, choice of floor system, roof trusses, exterior sheathing, non-load bearing walls, misc. stick framing, concrete or gypsum based floors, and the insulation, drywall, and foundation package if requested. Our experienced team is there before, during, and after construction. 

Project Management & Site Supervision

Experienced and qualified STEELBUILD® personnel are provided for each project. Responsibilities include, maintaining project schedule, problem solving, and ensuring overall customer satisfaction through best of practices.